This is my first time flying since my amputation. What do I need to know?

Greg Michalov CP, COA

In the past few years airline travel has changed for all of us, but these guidelines can be especially challenging for people with limb loss.  Being prepared and knowing what to expect will make your journey run smoother and reduce problem issues.

The Amputee Coalition has prepared a guide of what to expect when traveling.  They have been working with the TSA to assure that security screening is conducted in a reasonable and appropriate fashion for people with limb loss.

Read the article:

It is important to know your rights – you may find yourself in a situation where you are more informed than some of the airline personnel and TSA agents. “…if you have been treated inappropriately, or are not being treated in accordance with TSA guidelines and regulations, you have the right to request at the time of your screening for a supervisor.  If you are still unsatisfied with the supervisor, you also have the right to request a TSA Customer Service Manager (CSM).  There is a CSM in every airport, and if requested, they will come to the screening area and answer any questions or concerns you may have, including procedures or fair and respectful treatment.  They will ensure any TSA Officers not complying with TSA rules and regulations, or not treating passengers with respect will receive additional training in the future.” (Amputee Coalition)

Remember to relax and have fun!

Greg Michalov CP, COA