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Patrick Morris

patrickm_cs2Meet Patrick:

An adventurous young man, Patrick Morris has a love for outdoor endeavors. Growing up in Virginia, he regularly engaged in activities such as fishing, cycling and riding his motorcycle.  In college Patrick was part of crew, rowing alongside his teammates. His good health and active lifestyle would benefit him in the years to follow.

The Accident:

What began as an ordinary day would change Patrick’s life forever. On February 20, 2016 Patrick was out for a ride on his motorcycle when he was hit by a motor vehicle.  The accident resulted in the immediate loss of Patrick’s left leg. Paramedics were quick to employ life saving measures, and Patrick was airlifted to the medical center at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Patrick required surgery at VCU to remove damaged tissue on his hip and leg from the accident. The amputation left him with very little residual femur bone. The prognosis was not very positive, and family was told to not expect Patrick to walk again.

Patrick also sustained damage to his left arm, leaving him unable to move his shoulder, elbow, wrist or hand. He will undergo surgery to attempt to give him some function in his left elbow.

Walking Again!

After four months in rehabilitation, Patrick was seen by Reach clinician, John Robb. After just one week in a preparatory prosthesis Patrick was already standing on his own and walking short distances, astonishing his family and rehabilitation team.

After the wounds healed, Reach clinician Greg Michalov fit Patrick with a unique prosthesis to accommodate his short residual limb. The prosthesis features a microprocessor knee utilizing advanced hydraulic engineering and optimized microprocessor programming to make constant, nearly instantaneous adjustments to changes in gait dynamics. At only seven months into his rehabilitation Patrick is out of his wheelchair and walking with a cane! He even has plans to get a recumbent trike with adaptive equipment so that he can keep exercising for years to come.

A Happy Present and a Bright Future!

One month after the accident Patrick married his fiancé Annie. With her support they have walked the road of rehabilitation together.  Patrick is back in college, and will return to his job after his rehabilitation is complete.  With personal determination and the help of rehab, Patrick continues to get stronger each day.

Patrick carries a positive attitude that is observable to all who are around him. This has been a huge factor in his success! His advice to other amputees? “Take your healing one day at a time – accept the mountain in front of you, and accept that you are the only one that can climb it.  Celebrate your successes however small they may seem, and keep pushing yourself forward.”

Patrick has truly lived this and is an inspiration to all who know him. We are grateful to walk this journey along side him.