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Kim – “The One Arm Wonder Mom”

Kim S.Meet Kim:

Kim’s friends call her “The One Arm Wonder Mom” and if you meet her you will understand why.  Although Kim was born without her right forearm and hand, she does not let that slow her down or keep her from doing all of the things she wants to do.  Kim possesses an optimistic attitude and love for life that inspires everyone she comes into contact with – all with three children and a great husband by her side.

Early Life:

With the support of two amazing parents, Kim ran head first into childhood activities doing all of the things that little girls do.  She was never taught nor entertained limitations based on her physical disability.

At 9 months of age, Kim’s parents connected with Shriners International, an organization that helps provide expert medical care for children with no financial burden to the patients or their families.  From the age of 9 months through 15 years, the Shriner’s provided Kim with several upper extremity prostheses, helping her to gain a number of the benefits of a second arm.

In middle school and high school Kim participated in all kinds of extracurricular activities – she even had a special prosthesis that allowed her to play the cello (the bow attached to the socket).  Kim eventually had to discontinue playing the cello due to the stress the weight put on her elbow.  At the age of 16 Kim decided that everyday life was easier without her prosthesis.  She made the decision to go forward adapting to doing everyday tasks in modified ways.

Kim was so influenced by the occupational therapists (OT) she had at Shriner’s Hospital that she chose to study occupational therapy in college.  Combining her passion for children with her keen ability to solve problems, Kim worked in school-based occupational therapy, without the aid of a prosthesis.  Today, her children are the recipients of her training, as she is taking a pause in OT to be at home with her kids.

The Need for a Change:

Relying on one arm to do the work of two took a toll on Kim’s health.  She had already sustained an injury to her right elbow from playing the cello – now her left shoulder was injured from years of over use.  Her only option was surgery, but she knew she needed a good, working arm to perform her day-to-day duties.  Kim made the decision to get another prosthesis.

The Choice is Reach!

Kim researched and met with several area prosthetic clinics in the Hampton Roads area and chose Reach Orthotic & Prosthetic Services.  From the moment she met with owner John Robb (CPO) and Danielle Hill (CPO) she felt a warm connection.  Together they weighed all of the options in upper extremity prostheses, taking into account function, aesthetics, and weight (since she did not want to put further strain on the injured elbow) and selected the ilimb Quantum by Touch Bionics. Kim especially liked the option of working with a female prosthetist. Reach clinician Danielle Hill (CPO) worked closely with Kim throughout the entire process from the initial evaluation through fittings, training and follow up.

Reach OPS also helped Kim navigate the insurance part of her treatment, so that everything was managed efficiently and in compliance with her policy coverage.


In addition to being a busy mom, Kim is a LuLaRoe consultant, operating her own home business. The ilimb myoelectric hand gives Kim the ability to use a wide variety of grips throughout her day.  Using an app on her mobile device, she can quickly select up to 24 different grips, allowing instant access to new grips with the tap of a button.  This empowers Kim to open and carry kim_testimonialmerchandise, as well as place clothing on hangers, try on garments, and handle multiple kinds of clothing.  In an average show she will bring over 700 pieces of clothing – that requires a lot of manual dexterity – the ilimb empowers her to do that without slowing her down!

The combination of Kim’s positive attitude with hi-tech technology has produced amazing results in Kim’s life.  Her advice to others is to “embrace whatever it is that life has dealt you and you will get through it –and keep going forward.”  That is great advice Kim.  We give you two thumbs up here are Reach!