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Sock Ply Management

While technological innovation in the world of prosthetics has never been more promising, there are some older, effective strategies still used to maintain the fit of a socket such as prosthetic socks.  Long before modern day foams and gel materials came along, wool socks were about the only measure to adjust for limb size changes and provide a degree of padding inside an otherwise hard prosthetic socket.  Socks are normally provided in 5 ply, 3 ply and 1 ply thicknesses and are applied over the roll on liner when used.

Especially for the new user, understanding the importance of adding or deleting sock ply throughout the day can improve the socket fit and avoid abrasion against the residual limb.  If using a below knee prosthesis and one experiences excessive pressure on the knee cap or towards the bottom of the limb, adding a ply or two of sock can help to offload these sensitive areas and restore the socket fit. Likewise for an above knee user excessive pressure in the groin or towards the bottom of the limb can also be relieved through additional sock ply. Some find their fit can vary from morning to night so keeping a few socks on hand at work or school can be a helpful tool.