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PIN Systems

Roll on gel liners, how to don

  • Invert the gel liner fully inside out and center the end of it directly against the bottom of the limb without trapping an air pocket.
  • Using the palms of your hands evenly roll the liner upward while insuring the angle of the locking pin is aligned correctly. If it is not, remove the liner and repeat the process.
  • If needed apply any socks over the outside of the liner making sure the locking pin is exposed through the end of the sock and smooth out any wrinkles.
  • While seated place the limb inside the socket to engage the pin into the lock until clicks are heard. If necessary one may need to stand to get the pin to engage.
  • If no clicks are heard the lock likely has not engaged because the pin is not properly aligned. In this case remove the liner and repeat the donning process.
  • Do not excessively force the limb into the prosthesis.
  • When in doubt contact your prosthetist.


Roll on gel liners, how to doff

  • In a seated position depress the lock release button and with draw the limb from the socket. If the button does not easily depress push downward on the top of your knee while depressing the button.
  • Once the limb is out of the socket remove any socks and roll the liner down.