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Limb Hygiene and Perspiration

Caring for the soft tissues of the remaining limb is an important part of successful prosthetic use.   In the case of someone wearing a liner it can be helpful to clean the residual limb with a mild soap free from deodorant properties, heavy scents or other additives such as dyes.  Soaps containing these items often leave a residual residue in the pours of the skin that normally emit throughout the day giving off an aroma.  In the case of using a roll on liner these properties cannot not emit and remain in the pours which can cause a rash like skin reaction.  If not properly treated it can result in an inability to use their prosthesis until the skin clears.   If you need to apply any creams or moisturizers to the skin, do so at night to ensure proper absorption before resuming prosthetic use.

When it comes to perspiration issues there has not been proven one method successful for all.   Perspiration has a lot to do with body type and a previous predisposition to excessive sweating.  While there are some roll on liners that claim to be able to manage moisture factor such as a person’s level of activity, their climate/environment and the time of year can all lend itself to this issue.  Different remedies from antiperspirant use, use of a nylon sock beneath the liner have proved successful for some.  Others find removing the prosthesis for short periods to dry their limb and liner during the day is just as beneficial.  Understand that different medications and foods can trigger perspiration so research different remedies that may be suggested by your dermatologist or prosthetist.