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Coronavirus-19 Update

To ensure the safety of our staff and patients, we are implementing the following protocols effective immediately, until further notice:


• When contacting patients for appointment reminders, we are inquiring if the patient is experiencing flu or cold-like symptoms. If they are, we are requesting that they reschedule once they are symptom free

• We are rescheduling non-urgent follow up visits for 6-8 weeks from now, unless the patient is experiencing difficulties and needs to be seen sooner

• Patients are to be immediately taken to an exam room upon arrival if one is available. They will complete paperwork in the patient room. Each Reach facility has designated staff to wipe down and disinfect exam tables, doorknobs and any patient care devices used upon completion of each visit

• As usual, clinicians are washing hands before and after each visit and are wearing gloves during all patient visits. Gloves are disposed of prior to leaving the exam room

• Magazines and toys have been removed from patient rooms and lobbies. Magazines are discarded, and toys have been disinfected and stored


We encouraged everyone to read the following link, which provides resourceful information on COVID-19 and the work place 

We will keep you informed on any changes to the above protocols and provide additional information as needed.