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Clinical/Technical Internship

Clinical/Technical Intern (paid)
June 11 through August 3, 2018

Works Under: Certified Clinician/O&P Technician

The Intern may gather clinical intake information for the certified Clinician; may assist technical staff in fabrication of a variety of orthotic and prosthetic devices; may act as a consultant and/or assistant in use of design software, shape carving, and/or 3D printing; may assist outcomes measurement.

Job Requirements:

Must be a college student in a study curriculum deemed applicable to the O&P industry by Reach O&P Services. Job requires standing for prolonged periods, frequent bending, stooping and walking. Intern must be a proficient communicator; must show attention to detail; must have the ability to lift, push and pull 25 lbs. Intern may be exposed to dust, noise, blood, body fluids and infectious disease. Intern must have the ability to learn to use, or use a variety of computer software systems.


  1. Assist Certified Clinician in treating patients with a variety of pathologies.
  2. Perform Range of Motion and Manual Muscle Testing on patients.
  3. Perform outcomes measures and quantify resulting data.
  4. Input clinical data in OPIE assessment forms.
  5. Order components in accordance with treatment plan.
  6. Assist in development of work orders (design characteristics).
  7. Assist Certified Clinician in provision of documentation to payers, members of the multidisciplinary treatment team, and other staff members.
  8. See patients with Certified Clinician in a variety of locations including Reach offices, hospitals, nursing facilities, patient homes, etc.
  9. Assist technical staff in fabrication and design of a variety of O&P devices.
  10. Assist with use of software packages associated with patient care and design of O&P devices.
  11. Provide patient and/or caregivers with instructions on use and care of devices.
  12. Participate in compliance, performance improvement and marketing initiatives.
  13. Other duties as assigned.


Organizational Duties:

  • Communicate appropriately using good interpersonal skills. Positive, professional demeanor is projected through verbal and nonverbal communications.
  • Serves, manages and supports internal and external customers.
  • Privacy is maintained at all times for patient and employee information in accordance with HIPAA and Reach policies.
  • Tasks are done to meet or exceed customer/co-workers expectations.
  • Participates in performance improvement activities.
  • Participation in Performance Improvement activities and initiatives is ongoing.
  • Initiative is demonstrated to proactively diagnose and resolve problems.
  • Change is met with positive, supportive behavior.
  • Participates as a team member and is accountable for own work responsibilities.
  • Time off is scheduled to avoid disrupting workflow.
  • Help is offered to others to solve problems and complete tasks to facilitate communication and positive team dynamics.
  • Productive work habits are consistently displayed.
  • Accountability for actions and decisions is demonstrated in daily work.
  • Feedback is solicited and accepted in a positive manner.
  • Constructive input is offered to support the work unit.


Schedule: Mondays & Wednesdays 8-3, Fridays 8-2

Interviews will be held the week of May 29-June 1, 2018. Please send your resume to marketing@reachops.com and call 757-595-9800 to schedule an interview appointment.