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Daily Limb Care and Hygiene

Caring for your residual limb is not a lot different that of the rest of your body with a few exceptions.  Commonly roll on gel liners are used as a means of suspending the prosthesis and protecting the limb while weight bearing.  Washing your residual limb using a washcloth at least once a day is recommended using warm water and a mild antibacterial soap.  What you want to avoid are the use of soaps with deodorant properties, heavy scents or other additives.  Soaps containing these items often leave a residual residue in the pours of the skin that would normally emit throughout the day giving off an aroma.  In the case of using a roll on liner these properties cannot not emit and remain in the pours which can cause a rash like skin reaction.  If not properly treated it can result in an inability to use their prosthesis until the skin clears.   If you need to apply any creams or moisturizers to the skin, do so at night to ensure proper absorption before resuming prosthetic use.  When in doubt contact your prosthetist.